seo tips R Techz
This is a very important topic for Website or Blogger beginners to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips.
Today, in this article we are talking about SEO optimizing the whole website, not for a single post or page.
Before writing any article you must choose your keywords related to the article or website. So think about it and search for it very carefully.
Before start SEO you must know about the following topics and also think about that:
  • On your website, what you provide to people?
  • What is your aim through to a website?
  • Search the top 3 competitors related to your website.

Once you have solved the question, I think you would have known what you had to do. So, let’s begin the SEO Tips.

seo tips R Techz

The Top 10 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips are:

1. Build your website or blog according to one thing or one category.

You can also create a multi-category website but you must select a primary topic or category. For creating huge and strong backlinks. So this step is so important for your website or blog.

2. Find the high search keywords related to your website or blog.

That’s keywords help you to create a Website or blog title, description, taglines, writing articles and posts. If you are using WordPress CMS then you have many plugins options that help for SEO.

3. Choose domain URL related to website or blog.

It’s very important for SEO purposes. Search Engines pays special attention to the SEO friendly URL and also gives it a place quickly.

seo tips R Techz

4. Build your website theme responsive for mobile users.

In the world, there are 85% of users are mobile users. So, these users want a mobile-friendly website. If you make your website or blog mobile-friendly then you will definitely get feedback from users or people.

5. Put a link to the internal pages or posts on your site or blog.

Many CMS (Content Management Systems) insert a link to internal pages or post automatically. But my opinion is that you manually insert the link in the internal page or post.

6. Use permalink structures that have target keywords.

seo tips R Techz

Some website users have “ugly” permalinks structures that have no target keywords. Some website users have permalink that has numbers in the link. And this permalink unidentified to the search engine. We give you an example of numbered permalinks. Ex-

This type of link is not good for SEO. And use target keywords in links, which are very good for SEO.
Bad SEO Links:
Good SEO Links:

7. Optimize and increase your website or blog loading speed.

Site loading speed is very important in SEO.  If anything that slows down your site or blog please remove it as soon as possible. WordPress users, remove unnecessary plugins which have no work in your site.

seo tips R Techz

8. Use alt tags in images of your blogs or website.

ALT tags are so important for the google images or image search engine sites.

9. Use meta tags on our websites or blogs.

10. Post content regularly or update your website every week.